ATSUKOBAROUH arts drinks talk

"ATSUKOBAROUH arts drinks talk" is an open art space with a bar, located in Shibuya.


In 2011, after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, I felt that art needed to become more closely involved with society.Creativity needed, and needs, to be interactive rather than one way,for the first time. New forms of art are being born from the spirit of the age, and require alternative spaces which are impossible in a museum. I have tried to create a live house where one can talk about art deep into the night, glass in hand - a thrilling place where the world of the individual and of society can blend.

(Spring 2013, Atsuko Barouh)


adress: 〒150-0046 1-29-1, Syotou, Shibuya-ku crossroads building 5F 

tel: 03-6427-8048
fax: 03-6427-8886